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Sara Shock | Living Kidney Donor

Artist, Writer, Experienced Introvert, Former Pianist, Professional Dungeon Master. 
Mother of two. Japanese/Spanish American.
Geek, Nerd, Story Enthusiast.



Project Cloudless is a collection of various entertainment experiences with the motto of "Storytelling and imagination is borderless, with unlimited possibilities for all."

Whether by books, events, or through a single artwork, I believe in the importance of providing different story mediums, allowing the audience to choose how they wish to enjoy the world of Cloudless.

Cloudless is a title of an original storyline in which its series is in the works as of 2020.
It is based on an imaginative playground of the founder’s childhood, and later on, became a bedtime story for her children and has grown into a visible, non-virtual pop-up universe aiming to open around the globe.

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