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"Bring your favorite mode of transport to life with a touch of whimsy and charm in our Custom Vehicle x Shadowlings Illustration! This service allows you to transform any vehicle - be it a car, boat, motorcycle, or even a spaceship - into a unique work of art adorned with enchanting shadowlings.

How it Works:

  • Submit Your Vehicle: After placing your order, send me a photo of your vehicle. It could be anything that moves you from point A to B - cars, boats, motorcycles, spaceships, you name it!

  • Deposit: A $10 deposit is required at the time of order placement to initiate the design process.

  • Digital File: For $20, you'll receive a high-quality digital file of the illustration that you can use as you wish.

  • Print Options: If you'd prefer a physical copy of your custom illustration, printed options are available starting at $30, depending on size. Note that shipping costs will be added to printed orders.

  • Final Touches: Once the illustration is complete, I'll send it your way. If you've chosen a print, it'll be securely packaged and dispatched to your specified address.


Please Note: Custom orders are non-refundable due to the nature of the work involved. Make sure to provide clear and high-quality photos for the best results. Turnaround times may vary based on current workload. You'll be informed about the estimated completion time when placing the order.

(DEPOSIT) Vehicles x Shadowlings Commission

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