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Embark on whimsical adventures with Luna, your handcrafted felt Shadowling travel buddy. Each Luna plush, with her unique scarf and heart color variations, promises a comforting presence on your journeys. Tucked inside an eco-friendly upcycled Altoid tin, Luna rests peacefully on her own mini pillow and blanket, ready to accompany you wherever you go. Perfect for travelers, dreamers, and collectors alike!


What are Shadowlings?

Enter the enchanting realm of the Shadowlings, mystical creatures born from ink and imagination. Originally created for children's bedtime stories, these handcrafted felt companions are guardians of good dreams, offering comfort and whimsy in exchange for great stories. Each Shadowling, whether Luna, Nyx, or Cirkulo, carries with them the magic of storytelling and the promise of adventure.

"Don't-U-Worry" Shadowling Travel Buddy - Luna

  • Since this is a hand-made item, I can do exchanges for 7 days within delivery but unfortunately no returns.

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